Waterfowl Hunting

Our family membership can insure a family all the waterfowl hunting they can endure. We have properties where the birds are! We are so diverse in what we offer that it gives our members an advantage over other hunters. Incredible experiences for a true lover of water fowling.

Our Office


(719) 344-9196 or Toll-Free (855) 277-1012

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday (excluding holidays and posted vacation days) 9am to 1pm Mountain time zone.

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Lots of Diversity


Welcome to High Plains Sportsmen Club, the very best in hunting and fishing and the very best in waterfowl!

You'll quickly ssee us packed with many opportunities for family fun and excitement. The beautiful photographs on this web site can barely begin to capture the incredible diversity of activities we offer. Come and enjoy the outdoors with us.

With a membership in High Plains Sportsmen Club you too can enjoy the great outdoors in several states with great hunting opportunities. We have very limited membership openings and are filled quickly. I extend a personal invitation to you and your family to join us and to experience all we have to offer.

The office of High Plains Sportsmen Club has a fierce pride and makes a genuine effort to run a very spirited office to serve the special people who have become members. Our job is to maintain the office and to make reservations with fairness and promptness to keep our people hunting and fishing. We try to keep a special warmth and friendliness to all our members who call the office and to answer all questions.

As you look at this water fowl site please feel free to call us during office hours Monday through Friday except on holidays. Or you can visit us!

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