Membership Information

How To Join

You can get your Membership started immediately by calling the office during normal business hours (719) 344-9196.  You may also click on the following forms to download, then print and fill them out.  Completed forms should be mailed to the office address.
     Membership Application Form
     Membership Contract Form
     Credit Card Payment Form


We begin taking big game reservations on August 1 after we are sure the Division of Wildlife big game licenses have been mailed to our hunters. We take turkey and all other reservations except waterfowl two weeks in advance of going. We take waterfowl reservations three days in advance and for the weekends we take these reservations starting Wednesday.


One year memberships are $1,500 a year.
A 3 year membership is $1,200 a year.
A 5 year membership is $1,000 a year.

Map Books

All members will be issued a detailed map book that describes each property including directions, huntable game, lock combinations and the USGS outline of the property. The map book also contains our rules and regulations to help our members have a great time.

Maps will be made available for members at the Members Area section of this web site. A map book will also be sent to members free of charge. Members can request additional hardcopy maps, but for this an assembly and shipping amount will be charged to the member.

Along with a map book members are issued a placard to be placed in the vehicle in use at the property to identify members. Membership cards will also be issued to serve as identification of club membership when in the field.

Newsletter - PLAIN TALK

In the Member Only section we will publish a newsletter communicating club activities, new properties, hours, luncheons, recipes and other information you can use. We will publish some pictures but we will not publish full names or properties with these pictures. We want this to be fun and full of informatoin and we want to hear from you.

Monthly Luncheons

Luncheons are an opportunity to learn more about club properties and to meet other club members. One luncheon is held each month, typically on the first Thursday of the month. All are held in the Bass Pro Shops Trophy Room in Colorado Springs, from 11:30am to 1:00pm.
The address of Bass Pro Shops is:
13012 Bass Pro Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Telephone Number:
Following are the luncheon dates for 2019.
January 3
February 7
March 7
April 4
May 6
June 6
July 11
August 8
September 5
October 1
November 7
December 5